Monday, July 15, 2013

San Francisco Giants 2013 MLB Draft Signings

Bold = Signed

1st Round: SS Christian Arroyo, Hernando HS (FL) - $1,866,500
2nd Round: 3B Ryder Jones, Watauga HS (NC) - $880,000
3rd Round: RHP Chase Johnson, Cal Poly - $440,000
4th Round: 1B Brian Ragira, Stanford - $415,000
5th Round: RHP Dan Slania, Notre Dame - $283,500
6th Round: RHP Nick Vander Tuig, UCLA - $218,000
7th Round: SS Brandon Bednar, Florida Gulf Coast - $161,500
8th Round: OF Tyler Horan, Virginia Tech - $150,900
9th Round: LHP D.J. Snelton, Minnesota - $140,900
10th Round: RHP Tyler Rogers, Austin Peay State - $7,500
11th Round: OF Johneshwy Fargas, Puerto Rico Baseball Academy
12th Round: C Ty Ross, Louisiana State - $100,000
13th Round: RHP Pat Young, Villanova - $100,000
14th Round: LHP Nick Jones, Chattahoochee Valley JC (AL)
15th Round: C Geno Escalante, Mount Olive (NC)
16th Round: 3B Jonah Arenado, El Toro HS (CA)
17th Round: C Rene Melendez, Caguas Military Academy (PR)
18th Round: LHP Christian Jones, Oregon
19th Round: LHP Garrett Hughes, Stanford
20th Round: SS Brett Kay, Illinois State
21st Round: RHP Caleb Simpson, Seminole State JC (OK) - $125,000
22nd Round: RHP Ethan Miller, San Diego State
23rd Round: LHP Brandon Zajac, Cleveland State CC (TN)
24th Round: LHP Nick Gonzalez, South Florida
25th Round: SS Blake Miller, Western Oregon
26th Round: RHP Jake McCasland, New Mexico
27th Round: RHP Mike Connolly, Maine
28th Round: RHP Dusten Knight, Texas-Pan American
29th Round: 3B Ryan Tuntland, West Virginia
30th Round: RHP Dylan Brooks, Lord Dorchester SS (ON)
31st Round: C John Riley, Willow Glen HS (CA) - $450,000
32nd Round: C Nick Cieri, Rancocas Valley Regional HS (NJ)
33rd Round: 1B Craig Massoni, Austin Peay State
34th Round: RHP Rayan Hernandez, Puerto Rico Baseball Academy
35th Round: 1B Aubrey McCarty, Colquitt County HS (GA)
36th Round: RHP Grant Goodman, Burlinwood HS (CA)
37th Round: 2B Will Callaway, Appalachian State
38th Round: RHP Osvaldo Garcia, Miami Southridge HS (FL)
39th Round: RHP Chris Viall, Soquel HS (CA)
40th Round: OF Ryan Kirby, Granada HS (CA)

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