Monday, July 15, 2013

Seattle Mariners 2013 MLB Draft Signings

Bold = Signed

1st Round: 3B D.J. Peterson, New Mexico - $2,759,100
2nd Round: OF Austin Wilson, Stanford - $1,700,000
3rd Round: OF Tyler O'Neill, Garibaldi SS (BC) - $650,000
4th Round: LHP Ryan Horstman, St. John's - $550,000
5th Round: SS Jack Reinheimer, East Carolina - $327,600
6th Round: OF Corey Simpson, Sweeny HS (TX) - $400,000
7th Round: LHP Tyler Olson, Gonzaga - $10,000
8th Round: SS Tyler Smith, Oregon State - $20,000
9th Round: LHP Jake Zokan, College of Charleston - $5,000
10th Round: RHP Emilio Pagan, Belmont Abbey (NC) - $5,000
11th Round: RHP Zack Littell, Eastern Alamance HS (NC) - $100,000
12th Round: 1B Justin Seager, Charlotte - $100,000
13th Round: 3B Lachlan Fontaine, Sutherland SS (BC) - $100,000
14th Round: OF Ian Miller, Wagner
15th Round: LHP Eddie Campbell, Virginia Tech
16th Round: SS Lonnie Kauppila, Stanford
17th Round: LHP Paul Fry, St. Clair County CC (MI)
18th Round: RHP Troy Scott, Riverside CC (CA)
19th Round: 1B Jeff Zimmerman, Northern Illinois
20th Round: C Dan Torres, St. Leo (FL)
21st Round: OF Brett Thomas, Oregon
22nd Round: RHP Tommy Burn, Howard JC (TX)
23rd Round: 1B Kyle Petty, California (PA)
24th Round: RHP Kevin McCoy, Kennesaw State
25th Round: LHP Will Mathis, New Mexico
26th Round: LHP Tyler Wright, Arkansas
27th Round: RHP Ricky Claudio, St. Thomas (FL)
28th Round: SS Zach Shank, Marist
29th Round: OF Chantz Mack, Miami (FL)
30th Round: RHP Rafael Pineda, Texas A&M
31st Round: LHP Michaelangelo Guzman, No School (CA)
32nd Round: 1B Nate Maggio, Blessed Trinity HS (GA)
33rd Round: OF Corey Ray, Simeon HS (CA)
34th Round: 2B Taylor Snyder, Salem Hills HS (UT)
35th Round: SS Marshawn Taylor, Simeon HS (IL)
36th Round: 3B JC Snyder, Salt Lake CC (UT)
37th Round: SS Jordan Cowan, Kentlake HS (WA)
38th Round: 3B Michael Sexton, Rogers HS (WA)
39th Round: RHP Sam Hellinger, West Seattle HS (WA)
40th Round: C Mike McCann, Columbia River HS (WA)

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